Summer washout

Well after a couple of really warm weeks in April, it has not stopped raining here in the UK! In my own weather station equipment, I monitored almost 3 inches of rain in June! And during the first few days of July, almost 1 inch so far.

What I find so funny is, when we had those wamer than normal days in April, we were told it was prooth of gobal warming and the year 2007 was going to see the warmest summer ever! Now that we have had below average Temps and tons of rain guess what???  These same people are now saying, hey all this cool weather and rain is because of gobal warming!

For sure all the crap we pour into the climate must make some difference, but please not to this extent and most of the spin and rubbish we here about global warming is totally so those in charge can raise tax’s and make people feel guilty and hence they wont mind paying extra. My own feeling is as it has been over millions if years on the earth, the weather goes in cycles and sometimes it will be warmer than normal and as of this summer cooler and far wetter than normal.

When the world has had reliable monitoring over a decent time scale then we can draw conclusions from it all, so hey to all those alive in 100 years time, email me your results 😉

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