iPod Touch model

Apart from  anoyning current 8 gig iPhone $599 users with a $200 price cut, I find the new iPod Touch model intresting, its almost a iPhone, but without the phone part.

Now surely as it has wi-fi , that means you can use it on wireless with someone like skype to make calls? If not as standard, once a 3rd party releases a hack etc?

Surely this will also dent the iPhone sales? I have not read the full specs etc yet, but if the iPod touch has a web browser, then could people then just surf the net and use other 3 party online companies to make calls over the net?

I am sure a lot of current iPhone users already use the wireless connection to surf the web already as the edge network in the usa is not that fast.

I heard and read a lot at first that said , Apple will never release anything to risk there iPhone sales and now we have $200 price cuts and you now has the touch models on the scene…

So either now a £399 iPhone and a 2 year contract to AT&T or $299 for a Touch iPod and use it on wireless without a extra $100 and a 2 year contract tied to it 😉

I bet AT&T cant be that happy about this either!

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