iPhone Price cut

Apple has cut the price of its 8gig iPhone from $599 to $399.

And surely a kick in the teeth for the bulk of many mac fans who bought there phone when Apple launched it, including myself who recently bought one from the USA.

Apple never drops it’s prices so quick on a new product like that, and you really cant buy Steve Jobs excuse of it was done for the holiday season, and it seems Apple stock reflected this yesterday dropping 5.1% on the day.

My take would be after the mac fans bought up the first 750,00 units, a sharp slowdown has been seen by Apple and also with the many other phone makers out there with much cheaper and better equiped hardward than the iPhone, Apple had no choice but to cut the price.

But I really think Apple should refund everyone who originally bought the $599 phones at the start, rather than just those who bought within the last 14 days.

Still one must feel sorry for those who adore Apple and bought the phones at the start, as it is those fans that Jobs has kicked in the teeth. Yes early adopters always pay more, but to cut $200 off it so quick, says panic mode to me.

My take is Apple should have launched the phone at $299 and unlocked if they really wanted to reach the masses.

Now watch those eBay prices drop 😉

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