CB600 Hornet exhaust stud problems

Well, got my exhaust gaskets to repair what sounded like blown ones and taking off the rad on this and exposing the damage of rain and neglect by who ever owned this machine was a eye opener!

After leaving overnight with a good squirting of wd40, I tried undoing the nuts on the exhaust studs. These bolts were corroded and a pig to undo, one sheered clean off to the casing and the other one broke in half leaving half the nut still on tight. Now I can see the only way to get this exhaust off and access to the studs is to cut away the corroded on nut and I will have to use a screw extractor to hopefully remove the one that sheered off.

So I got 4 off, but leaves these 1 to remove and 1 broken stub.

As you can see in the pics, this is going to need a lot of cleaning up and painting as there is a lot of rust etc behind the rad, and no surprise really with a design that sits the rad right behind the exhaust headers and all the bolts etc.

I would imagine loads are going to have or had this problem on this model.

There is no space to get a nut splitter in on the half stuck bolt and as its rusted on , I think I will have to drill or grind it off, the one thats sheered off, I shall have to drill a small hole in it and then get a scew extractor into it. I just hope the screw extractor tip dont break off on the hole as that is a worse case sernario of using that tool.

Still untill the new tools arrive I will set about taking apart and cleaning up the rad and fan which looks like its been through a war;-)

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