Walkera 4#3B Micro Helicopter thoughts so far

I have been flying this around for a few days now and advice to anyone buying one, make sure you also order spare rotor and tail blades and also order up some training gear for this heli, again Buzzflyer has a set for this model. Also make sure you fly this in a big area at first! You can look through YouTube and see many videos on there of people flying in small rooms, but trust me you wont stand a chance until you are comfortable with flying it and the quick corrections you need to keep this tiny heli stable. It looks so stable on the videos people have taken, but for a newbie it certainly is a steep learning curve! I shall write more and with some pics of things which I have noticed about parts which break and look weak to me. Also the battery runs down flat very quick so you will also need spare batteries. Great fun though 🙂

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