Walkera 4#3B Update

Right I have now been using this Micro heli more, so will update on how I have found it so far. First off as others over the net have said it looks great in box and impressive when you first get it out and the size etc of it. But it seems quality and setup varies from one heli to another and in my case it was also not ready to fly out of box. In fact within 3 flights I had broken the blades and broke the tail blade, so had to order more spares. Once fixed, it was still a pig to keep in air stable, for sure I am faily new to radio controlled heli’s, but I do have experience of flying Model aircraft etc and on flight sims with helis. But this model just seemed too hard to fly, and reminded me that helicopter flying is in a much harder league! Anyway with more practise I could hover pretty stable, but after 10 flights the main motor started to fail! So had to order a new main motor and also I got a new tail motor to be on safe side and a spare battery. Fitted the new motor and it was much easier to fly than before, but then after another 2 good flights the rear tail motor also failed! and so I am now at a stage where I need to fit that and solder in the wires. Also on my last flight I noticed I was only getting about 2 mins flight time, popping in new battery increased that and then it spun to the ground as the rear tail motor gave up. So within 12 flights it has got through 1 x main motor , 1 x battery 1 x rear tail motor. So as others have mentioned some of these helis are not all good quality and sadly and all this starts to push the cost up to where I was thinking maybe a Align T-Rex 250 would have been a better buy? And for anyone thinking of getting one of these, I would def get the brushless version which is out very soon I hear. So my feelings so far? Disapointed to be honest, the flight time is short and these models seem to vary greatly in quality and you def have to invest in spare Main motors and tail motors and batteries and the normal parts like blades, also if you are new to these, you need more room than you might think! For experts and all the videos of people you see flying them, it looks easy in small rooms, but trust me its not! Also there are small training kits that fix onto the skid, although this does add a bit of weight and also as I found out the rubber grommets break the ends of the skids off. I am now going to strip it down and slighty oil beariings again and fit the new tail motors and new blades all round and see if it flys like I had hoped. So more updates soon, stay tuned , Gray.

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  1. john millington says:

    Im glad someone has said something about the 43b i have the 4g3, ive had the same problems i thought it was me. i bought it from rcmods
    every time i rang them up and told them the motors keep burning out,
    they was saying ive got the wrong pitch.I wanted my money back no chance what a piece of shit .good when its going but only last 2mins
    everything breaks what a money spinner for them, you need deep pockets
    with this one.

    • graham says:

      Hi John, yeah sadly after wearing through loads of motors , and also stripping them down when they die, the motors were def made of very low quality, the brushes are the main problem, they seem to be designed for a very short life. And I also wondered that they must have picked up on this problem at factory when it was being tested, and therefore it is very disapointing that Walkera did not at least release a updated motor with stronger brushes! I also bought the higher capacity battery a 500mah one for this model and it makes the motors burn out even sooner! lol Some people have fitted new brushes made to fit and got a better life from motors and I also did this mod myself, but its way too fiddly for most to undertake. You can now order a brushless upgrade which has a new receiver and brushless main motor and esc and also a upgraded tail motor, but my concern is that the rear tail motor still being a brushed motor will still burn out way too quick.
      I will prob buy the upgrade just so i can test it out at least. In my eyes Walkera should have made the kit a bit more expensive and made it come better motors, yes it comes in a brushed version now, but loads bought the first gen models and makes one wonder whether Walkera did not expect people to use them more than a few times and hence why they might of thought motors that last maybe 10-20 flights etc was good enough. Shame as when its flying its a lot of fun still 😉

  2. john millington says:

    hello graham
    Just wanted to say thanks for the reply
    and the info

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