AR Drone firmware 2.4.1

Ever since I upgraded the firmware on this , it has seemed so much less stable.

In fact it has a tendency to now and then, either shoot up high at take off or take off and hover low and spin around and crash.

Tried a new main board and new nav board and same problem.

Does not happen ever time , but had it do this quiet a few times now.

So removed the GPS Flight recorder and tried again and hit the take off button and it shot up 20 feet into the air!

Tried again in house to be safe and this time it took off about 1 foot and then spun around and flipped over.

Tried 1 more time out in back yard and seemed ok this time took off and was seeing how it performed without the GPS flight recorder and there seems to me to be no difference to stability with or without GPS flight recorder attached. But coming to end of flight it yet again spun round and flipped over.. Grrrrr

I am now assuming that GPS Flight recorder makes no difference if you are flying low down and maybe it only makes any difference if either over a certain height? or when you are using the app to a waypoint..

So from my tests so far, its not really added much for the price to what it did before.

So for now I am going to downgrade the firmware and see if the drone becomes more stable again. Of course this means for now not using the gps module.

Maybe Parrot can sort out the firmware and also make more use of the gps module and also please more info and instructions at least on how it works..

Anyway going to now see how it fly’s with old firmware……




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