Faulty Zerotech Dobby

Just got hold of a broken Zerotech Dobby.

Quick test, it powers on okay but has a Barometer error which wont clear.

The error in the app is:-

Could be a firmware issue or just faulty Barometer, have to get it apart to have a look first.

So  Bit of a teardown needed 😉

Guess the baro must be under main board maybe near when the rear optical flow and sonar are , so main board needs to be unsoldered to raise the board.

Will update post, once I got it fully apart…….

Have to take the black sticky ccover off bottom to release the main board

But got to the bottom of the board then and its using a MS561101BA03

for the barometer, soldered to the front bottom of main board under a bit of foam.

Hard to see , but number on it is a MEAS 561101BA03

Might try reflowing it first , before replacing it.

Update 31/01/2019

After reflowing the barometer chip and putting the whole thing back together no change.

So either it is faulty or a resistor etc around it faulty or software issue.

But… It will work if…… If I start it up and leave it for 3-5 mins and the restart the drone and the altitude reads stable and I dont get the error.

So when cold it brings up the barometer abnormal error, and altitude jumping around all over the place. When warm it is settled.

Maybe in the summer it wont be such a issue, but if I decide to go further with this quad, I will probably replace the baro with a new one first.




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