Wingsland M5 Test

First test flight of the Wingsland S6 after the repair (which I will go into in another post)

As you can see in video below, it has a lot of trouble holding height.

In fact I had to constantly raise the throttle up to get it back up and then after a while it

would start to drop again, hitting the floor once or twice.

On reviewing video from phone app recording I can see it was displaying correct height, so the baro was working fine, just software was not keeping its height.

The bottom sensors on this work much the same as the Wingsland S6 and that is they are not used when flying outdoors with gps lock, so kind of pointless having these sensors fitted as they are only used indoors and Wingsland advises against flying this and S6 indoors. Outside its flying purely with gps lock and trying to hold height with the barometer.

Winds were about 5-7mph and as always testing in back yard, a lot of turbulence.

Intresting to see if it holds height better higher up and away from all this turbulence.

Run time was about 10 mins 30 seconds, so pretty off the 17 mins they claim. (Although the cold weather certainly knocking it down a bit)

Video quality is only 720p on this and video is cut up into 5mins sections on sd card.

Once weather gets better , will head off and see how it performs at the beach.

One big pain with this is the motors DO NOT shut off if it hits anything like most quads.

This is really the second flight I made as the first one it landed and flipped over and carried on spnning its props and rocking about upside down and 2 of the props broke on concrete floor, and so had to wait for some props to come from china for this.








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