Wingsland M5 at beach

My first real test flight of the Wingsland M5.

Went pretty well, and I got about 9 mins flight time in 50F temps.

So a long way off the advertised 17Mins flight time its specs say, but you will never get the advertised times anyways. But only 9 hopefully is due to the cold.

We shall see once weather gets a lot milder.

The M5 is fun to fly and it flys upto about 30mph, but a drawback to this is because the camera is angled so much down that all you see on screen in the ground.

Also with no EIS or gimbal the video is really jerky and resoltion is only 720p.

Why they put such a bad camera and its downward position in this is a big drawback.

I have seen others have problems with video dropping out at really short range , but have to say I got out as far as I could see it and video stayed solid and that is with the EU CE tx/rx power setiings, so I would expect much better out of the EU zone and in other parts of the world.

Below is a little clip of it flying.



In my next post I will have video of this flight with telemetry on it as I have soldered in a flytrex core 2 logger to the gps on the M5.

All in all a fun quad to fly, but its not really any good for taking video.

Could possibly fit something like a Runcam split to it to get better video.

So to wrap up a fun quad to fly, poor video and camera angle and at around £236 ($308) There are better value for money quads out there thesedays.

But if you already have a Wingsland S6 , then the R6 that comes with the M5 can also be used with the S6 and also the X1 if you have one.

Although there are differences between the M5 R6 controller with metal thumscrews and the one you buy separately which has plastic sticks.

Which I will do a post on as there are some important hardware differences between both versions of the R6.




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