DJI Mavic Mini Different models

Need to bear this in mind if you are buying a DJI Mavic Mini!!!!.

There are different versions depending on what country you buy it in!

As I read all new dji models will be hardware power locked CE or FCC etc.

If in the Uk like I am , we are stuck with the low power CE version. So about only 500 metres.

But if you buy out of the EU , you get the FCC version and about 2,500 metres.

Big issue I have is if you buy one in the EU and travel abroad in FCC countries , you are stuck with the CE , as it cant be changed to FCC unlike the older dji models that the app decides what mode to put you in, depending on whether you in CE or FCC area.

This puts me right off a Mavic Mini now, as when out of country I would be stuck in low power version. Seems crazy for a travel drone, that you stay stuck like that.

So no point in me aiming to get ones of these while I am in the CE zone.

Info and part numbers on DJI Mavic Mini models

FCC version:- Model MT1SS5      – 5.8 GHz: <30 dBm (FCC); <28 dBm (SRRC)

CE version:-   Model MT1SD25   – 2.4 GHz: <19 dBm (MIC/CE) 5.8 GHz: <14 dBm (CE)

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