Simtoo XT175 Fairy drone

Just got hold of one of these Fairy drones for my intrest in small quads.

This is another which had bad reviews from most and wanted to see for myself, is it that bad and also can it be made to work better?

But before I go tinkering will try it out stock as is.

First flight was done inside and the optical flow seems to have a hard time and seems to suffer from overcompensating and ends up like a pendulum at times

When controlling with Transmitter and say you move to the side is swings back and you can see the pendulum effect even more.

But overall it held pretty well with altitude drifting now and then and also almost 15 mins flight time!

Below is a boring video of that flight for those intrested, next I will move on to testing outside before heading out to a field.

I know the range of this is supposed to be pretty bad, and will do a few mods before then.

Sorry about the poor Audio, my old Windows Lumia 1020 seems to record audio poor thesedays.



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