Flyaway Wingsland S6

Just got hold of another s6 that someone was getting shot of and think I might be able to see why!

My first test flight of this tried to head off to the moon!

Just very lucky I had tethered with string for a first flight test.

After only 1/2 mins it just shot up to the heavens and the R6 remote would not control it, and lucky I grabbed the end of the string and stopped it and it crashed into my roof and battery flew out and busted the props.

Thats my first ever (almost) flyaway I have had with any quadcopter.

For sure without being tethered god knows how high it would have gone.

Lucky enough I had phone screen recording on and went back through the phone video and could see exactly where it all went wrong!

Split second before it fly up on its own all normal and coming to end of battery.

And then a second later notice what the reading of height and vertical speed has jumped too!

So I assume that craft thought I better throttle up and off it went.

Now why did readings go so wonky????

This dont really use sonar when in outdoor mode and so I am thinking maybe the barometer??

Edit: Thinking about it as the height and v/s speed went mad, me thinking it is prob like other drones and bases that info on gps too. So could be some iffy gps data confused it.

But to check all these things a full strip down now required and also something else I noticed is the fan is not spinning , although dont think that had any effect on this issue as its still cold out this time of the year.

Crash investigation to contuine and will post what I find, as it may help others why come across this issue.

Happy flying 🙂





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