Wingsland S6 and DJI Spark size

What was very surprising to meĀ  is when you actually see a DJI Spark up close, its smaller than I expected in real life.

The Spark does look bigger when the Spark props on and stretched out, and DJI fatter and heavier.

But compared to S6 , it flys around 12 mins ish as with the S6 it seems normally around 5:30 mins or maybe more if weather is right.

Batteries cost about the same for both, although dji lipo is a 3 cell one.

and of course Spark has a mechanical 2 axis gimbal and better app and firmware and also to me what is a BIG BONUS is you can tinker with the file system, as the experts out that have worked out how to root it and upgrade and downgrade firmware and many other things.

There is no contest really between these two.

But….. The DJI Spark are expensive to buy , far far more expensive than what you can pick a Wingsland S6 up for now.

The S6 still looks great and its so well packaged…

But…… Wingsland dont bother with it anymore, no firmware updates since last year and a under developed app (Especially on ios)

So if you decide to pick a S6 up at the prices they are almost giving these away now, bear in mind you buying a quad with bugs and almost certainly no more updates to fix bugs and missing features.

Still think its a shame about the S6, such a good looking quad and great hardware, but totally let down by the software and poor battery.

They could have a much better selling quad and far better reviews, if only they actually supported it and made a upgraded battery….







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