Wingsland S6 test in gusty wind

Just going through some videos from last year and this was one from Sept 2018.

The S6 started having problems trying to hold in gusty wind.

Problems start around 2/3 mins into flight and the wind picks up.

To be fair this test was done in a back yard and therefore lots of turblence.

But it is a test I do on all my quads to get a idea of how they handle the conditions.

The S6 seems to be slow to react and them slow to brake from over corrections. I think a lot of this could be addressed by fine tuning the pid’s . But sadly be do not have any software from wingsland to adjust this.

To be also fair this test was done using stock props, but using a 2s Turnigy 1600mah standard lipo so was heavier and therefore would add to trying to recover in the wind.

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