Wingsland S6 replacement?

Maybe for those that like the Wingsland S6 size, there will finally be another folding quad of similar size very soon!

The Mavic Mini

Okay so will be a fair bit thicker then the S6.

But leaks say anything from 18 mins to 30 mins???? stated flight time.

When I First see leaks a while back I thought the battery bay looks a lot like dual 18650 cells.

If this is true then maybe with there electronics aimed to use the lower voltage of 18650 cells on there esc motors and electronics they could get a decent flight time.

But all up weight of 245 grams??? I have a feeling thats the weight without battery?

Bear in mind the Wingsland S6 was approx 265 grams with no gimbal , thats why I sceptical about the mavic mini being 245 grams all up weight. I was guessing more like 330-350 grams for the new mavic mini myself with battery in.

But if it is that weight is with battery, that will be ideal for us flyers in the UK who will soon have that waste of time registration for craft over 250 grams.

For sure at under 250 grams, this would sell like hot cakes.

If anyone could pull this off, for sure woudl be DJI

Rumours of specs are 2.7k , 3 axis gimbal and front and downward sensors and using the enhanced wifi which is rumoured to be using same mavic air controller, if so wont be able to use Spark controller with it for sure.

Price $399 . Is that just for the quad????

Anyway, all guesswork until the 30th October 2019

DJI Event October the 30th 2019 – Fly as you are





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