Wingsland S6 1600mah battery

Got around to again testing a Turnigy 2s 1600mah in the s6 again.

Just curious on this s6 that has bits removed and holes cut into it to remove weight what kind of light time I would get this time with a battery I used before on a stock S6 (apart from external wires for battery).

As you can see you have to have a modded S6 to do this as it needs external wires to battery.

I was suprised that with bits removed to lighter the S6, I got almost the same flight time as before. So removing a bit of weight dont seem to make much difference as this latest try with this 1600mah still got the same 7 mins in air time as before.

Video at bottom of page for those that want to watch a boring flight 😉

So really removing weight be cutting holes and changing gps antenna to a small lighter type really dont make much difference.

Pics below.

But conclusion is still the same, best way to get a bit better flight time of around 7 mins in the air is to replace the wingsland internal cells with Hyperion G7 1400mah LiHv cells.

But other users who messaged me saying these are very hard to find thesedays, so have to look out for something else that fits next.

Best way I feel is finding some lower kv motors that fit and bigger props, but that may not be ideal for the way the firmware is setup and also not really economical to do at present.

Or better still someone with 3d design and printing skills to make a clone of the simtoo fairy xt175 props that fit the stock motor clamps.

Video below of flight with the Turnigy 2s 1600mah.

Flight was done in indoor mode and so used the downward infrared sensor and optical flow sensor. These only enabled indoors when S6 does not get any gps sats and then starts in indoor mode with sensors. They dont hold that well as you can see, with a lot of up and down and drifting.
These downward sensors ONLY work when inside! When outside and S6 picks up gps sats, the sensors are turned off.
Also when in “indoors mode” You dont have much control, like big movements needed to move quad around and hence better to only use in a big room with high ceilings.

Note you have to click on pop out window (box top right of video) to view full screen.





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