Wingsland S6 still worth buying in 2020?

Judging from the amount of messages from my blog I still get about the S6, it seems a lot still have them or buy them. Even now after 3 years since it was launched and abandoned by Wingsland themselves.

Even now the Wingsland apps have all been removed from the Apple store and so you need a Android phone now (unless you already have the ios app on your iphone), and its still available to buy new on banggood.

Strange its still selling enough to justify them still being made over in China.

Why I ask myself is why do I still get so many messages about this 3 year old quadcopter?

More so as most reviews of it were so bad when it came out.

I guess in part it seems great value for what you get. A great looking quad and with a 4k camera, and its very small when folded up.

But as always the 5-6 min flight time (if you get a good battery with it) and only then if you fly in warm weather and light wind. Flying this in cold weather you be lucky to get 2/3 mins.

Would I buy one in 2020?? Prob not as you can no longer get the R6 controller as they not made anymore and flying with a phone is totally crap in my opinion and also the apps have been dropped from Apple store. And also for the price of a S6 and a controller (if you can get one) is gettting close to a second user price of a DJI Spark, which although only takes 1080p video, is if I am being honest still a better bet, as you get a quad with a 2 axis gimbal around 12 mins flight time and is rock stable inside and outside and when arms of S6 are unfolded is about same width size (although a lot deeper in size)

Also if you have the budget there is also the DJI mavic mini, but thats a big jump in price of course.

But I will still use mine from time to time and the S6 has been a intresting project to me and got a lot of fun and hair pulling at same time.

I am hoping one day battery technology actually changes and makes possible a better density that can fit inside s6 and give something like 10 mins flying time.

But lipo chemisty seems to be stuck at what it is now for years, so dont hold your breath 😉








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