Wingsland S6 li-ion cells

To test out better if faking the battery level on my S6 makes better use of 18650’s cells a better option, I got some new ones and was curious about the bigger size 21700 cells.

As you can see these bigger cells and although 4500mah at upto 20amps rating they are sadly too big and heavy for a small done like the s6.


But will come in handy for something else.

The 18650 cells fit in the battery bay if you trim the plastic a bit , but last time I tried this flight times were only 2 or 3 mins because the S6 lands at 3.6 per cell,

With my latest mod I can get down to just under 3.40 per cell before the esc cant handle the low voltage, at 3.3v the esc goes crazy 😉



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