Faulty Wingsland R6 from Banggood

Well after waiting months for stock to come in , Banggood finally had them in stock.

So ordered one and this is how it came

Was looking forward to seeing how the Wingsland S6 flew with a remote at last!

After charging up the remote and S6, went on to connect.

Hmmmm was not connecting!

Tried loads of times and checked with others and from youtube videos and I could not get the S6 to connect to this R6.

To cut a long story short, the remote Banggood sold me was a faulty unit!

As I knew its not worth the hassle to send it back to china, I ripped it open and checked inside and sure enough the wi-fi module inside is faulty.

Its not transmitting or receiving anything, so hence why my S6 will not connect.

The wifi inside the R6 must be working in the first place.

Very disappointed that I just my luck to get a faulty unit.

I have bought 3 Wingsland products from Banggood and out of that 2 of them have been faulty. Not very good odds huh!

Banggood was the cheapest place to get the R6’s , hence why I waited.

But I guess not much point in being cheaper if the products dont work.

Also note these might be cheaper made versions as the thumbsticks are all black plastic and on the others I seen reviewed they have metal silver thumbscrews.

I think they just moved over to cheaper manufacture, as others who have the plastic versions seem to work ok though.

So to anyone else thinking of buying one of these, prob better to get it from Aliexpress or Amazon or wait for them to show up at a reasonable price on ebay.

Will be posting another post of the teardown of the R6 for anyone interested in whats inside.





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