Wingsland S6 ESC repair

Well I replaced all 12 mosfets that I blew up and sadly its still dead.

On further examination , I found another chip had blown. But this time it was on the main board.

I guess the reverse voltage I sent through it that blow mosfets also killed the chip for the main pcb supplies.

IC was a RT7239, a step down convertor.

I could not source that one easy, so got a RT7240.

The specs pretty much the same except slightly higher power version.

Anyway, with that chip replaced the drone now powers up and it all works except still no motors.

On closer examination of the esc board , I found 4 x 10 ohm smd resistors that under the microscope I could see had slight burn marks on them.

So replaced these aswell and now the esc powers up and the rear motors bleep, but the front ones are still dead!

Gosh my foolish mistake sure did blow a lot of parts.

I think I know what I hope is the last part I need to make this work, but sourcing it as it has a strange code marking and I have not found it yet.

But for now , as Banggood have the S6 back in stock again and using the code “quad30” one can get 30% off. (Dont know how long that code will last for? Think its discount off all rc quads)

Prices of the S6 have gone up a fair bit, but with discount its pretty much what I paid last time.

That way if I cant get my first S6 working again, I will still have one for testing and a standard untouched one as backup again.


Yeah I know, most think this quad is a waste of time, but for me at least it has some uses and which is why I dont mind messing about with it.



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