Wingsland S6 props

Trying some props that are intended for the Fairy Drone

These props came with the spacers , although made out of plastic as opposed to metal that the S6 comes with they fit straight on.

All you need to use from original is the screws (not the collars)

Done a couple of flights on my other S6 , and cant be 100% sure just how much better they are as the weather is really cold in UK at present and affects flight time.

But almost a extra minute flight time, prob more when weather warms up?

Also seems quieter than the original props.


The plastic clamps motor spacing with these simtoo xt175 props is standard 9mm and the wingsland motors prop hole spacing is a strange 8.5mm and so although these clamps can be fitted , but you end up having to bend the clamps in a bit (causing stress) and the props dont sit correctly and they end up breaking apart in flight! The hole size on the simtoo props is too big to fit the metal wingsland clamps and screws.


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