Great Tech Podcasts

Have to give these a mention as they really are so intresting and fun to listen to!

First off is This Week In Tech (TWIT) – Leo Laporte

This one usually has a few guests on the cast each week and as the title suggests, its all about tech news and there

views on it. Leo is great and well worth subscribing to each week!

Next is the Cranky Geeks Podcast with the legend that is John C Dvorak with his saying

This guy says exactly what is on his mind always and he such a great charactor, also a regular guest on the TWIT podcasts most weeks.

Another is the Buzz out loud Podcasts with Mollie,Tom and Veronica.

Always intresting chat between these free and always a laugh

And another great one is DL.TV with Patrick and Robert.

Great tech news and always a laugh and highly worth watching or listening to.

So if you are into tech and want something great to listen or watch check em out! 🙂

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