Wingsland S6 Video indoor flight Tattu cells and Simtoo props

Flight test below was done by forcing the Wingsland S6 into “indoor mode

A fellow S6 use enlightned me to how to do this.

This is done by making sure the S6 has no gps satellites! In my house the S6 gets 1 -3 gps locks even indoors and if you take off a s6 with any gps sateliites it will not be in “Indoor mode”

This is a real problem, as before I knew this info taking my s6 off it would shoot up way to high , hit ceiling and then end up veering into a wall because it was trying to do a gps hold!!

So make sure you in indoor mode, by covering s6 so it does not get any access to gps satellites.

Hitting take off you will get a warning and that confirms you are in indoor mode.

Beware! In indoor mode this thing crawls , and movements are very very slow so ideally need a big room , I was controlling it with a Wingsland R6 remote

On this test it still shoots up and almost hits the ceiling, this is because I was using Simtoo XT175 Fairy drone props on it, so more lift than the s6 was expecting at take off.

(Check this about using these props though)

Anyway, test was done with 2 Tattu 1550mah 100C LiHv cells squeezed into battery bay and external wires to inside the s6. Not pretty, but just for testing.


Flight Video

Sorry about the poor lighting due to position of camera

Almost 10 mins real flight time just hovering..




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